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Clodagh Lawlor
Ireland (IRL)

One of Ireland’s youngest award
winning Country Music stars.


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Clodagh Lawlor

Clodagh is an Irish Country singer with a crazzzy dream, as she descibes it! Fiercely rooted in the classics of Irish Country Music, Clodagh Lawlor is one of Ireland’s youngest award-winning Country Music stars.

Since her beginnings, Irish Folk and Country Music have been an important part of her career inspired by artists such as Mary Black, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, and others, her music connects with audiences from different cultures around the world. Following her appearance on The Voice of Ireland in 2016 Clodagh has gone from strength to strength and has been recognised as one of the countries greatest talents getting to perform with Nathan Carter in the process.
In 2019, Clodagh Lawlor and band won The Late Late Show’s Search for a Country Star. After that, Clodagh’s career has flourished and has resulted in her generating huge publicity for her music. Having toured with The Young Irelanders in Canada and the United States.

“I’ve always said when I started on this crazy journey, as I call it, to get into the Irish country music scene that if I could work with the people I’ve looked up to, I’ll have made it.” And there have been bright moments along the way. Last year Clodagh got to join Daniel O’Donnell for Opry le Daniel… where she sang a beautiful version of I Will Always Love You! “There were so many moments I pinched myself thinking that I was in the room with Daniel.” (from an interview with The Irish World)

Clodagh has worked and performed alongside the biggest names in the Irish Country Music scene showing us all, that she was made for the stage.

And we, at Country Music Trail, can’t wait to watch her perform on our stage! During the first edition of our 3-day Country and Western festival in Mallorca from June 17 to 19, 2022! You must see Clodagh perform live, so don’t hesitate and come to beautiful Mallorca this summer!

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I want to make a life and career out of music and nothing else, doing what I love… my word to anyone out there is always do what you love – Clodagh Lawlor

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