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A Country – Bluegrass music ensemble that was based on the idea of Guillermo and Marta, who have managed to bring together a large group of classically trained musicians, such as the two of them.
More than ten years ago in 2011, it all started in Estellencs, the group made its first appearance, for a select audience, including the great Majorcan pianist Andreu Riera. The band lets you enjoy folk, Celtic and bluegrass music of American and Irish origin.
Bluegrass is a variant of Country, more puristic than the more common Country styles. It started in the 1940s, long before CountryRock. It is usually played with acoustic instruments, in the case of Pilgrims including guitar, mandolin, violin, banjo, double bass, dobro and harmonica. We also include the melodica, which has a sound similar to the concertina, which is also used in American popular music. The style’s name comes from a group called “The Bluegrass Boys.” It spans many styles of country music, from blues to Irish roots.
In 2014 the band releases an album called ‘Pilgrims’
A review about the CD in Bluegrass Europe EBMA:
‘…To be quite honest, I heard everything I didn’t expect. Soulful singing…with lots of harmony, insturments played skillfully and tastefully, tight sound overall. I particular I was impressed about their arrangements of well knowm songs into something really new in their own style. After listening to the 11 titles, 6 of wich written by band members, I started all over agina, and can’t get enough of this music.’

(Review by Angelika R. Torrie)

In January 2015 they won a first prize at RTVE for ‘best revelation and best Spanish group of the year 2014’.
The main purpose of Pilgrims is to enjoy making music and making people enjoy it!

The current formation of the group:

  • Marta Ambrós on piano, melodica and voice
  • Beatriz Calderón on mandolin and lead vocals
  • Guillermo Femenías on guitar and voice
  • Enrique Pastor on violin
  • Ángel Matesanz on banjo, mandolin, harmonica and Dobro.

We, at Country Music Trail, like to welcome Pilgrims to the first edition of our 3-day Country and Western festival in Mallorca from June 17 to 19, 2022! So if you like to see them perform live, don’t hesitate and come to beautiful Mallorca this summer!

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When you’re just singing a beautiful melody with a story that’s true to the heart, you don’t need a lot of embellishment – Emmylou Harris

Pilgrims on YouTube


Pilgrims on YouTube


Pilgrims on YouTube

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