Uwe Bernert, Käthe-Kollwitz-Platz 1b, 99759 Sollstedt
A shared dream to launch a unique country music festival seems to come true if Covid-19 becomes manageable!
Come and join us on the Trail!

A new festival is coming to the island

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“The Country Music Trail starts in Mallorca!” says Uwe Bernert from DEUBEL – artist agency from Thüringen (DE).

‘Country Music Trail’ is a promising name in every aspect, for a new series of festivals.

“It was a bit of luck to meet the organizer of the famous Christmas market in Santa Ponça, Holger Becker, in Mallorca in the summer. In a small cafe, along the beach in beautiful Santa Ponca, we discussed the first ideas. He immediately thought the Country Music Trail plan was brilliant and he already had the right location in mind.
It’s not often in life that people meet and be a little crazy in the same way. We want to firmly anchor the Country Music Trail in Mallorca, we want to make people enthusiastic about Country Music and that is why we want many visitors. Stars like ALLWOODS, Ellinor Springstrike, Lost Rock, Kevin Heaslip, The Country Sisters and a few more will provide a lively atmosphere. ”
Preparations are in full swing, the graphics department in the Netherlands sometimes works late into the night to get everything ready on time. We are an international group of entrepreneurs who try to create something beautiful together, despite the very difficult circumstances in which the world is currently in! But Covid-19 will become controllable and then we will be ready to enjoy live music and an atmosphere of an unprecedented high quality in Mallorca, together with the many lovers of unique festivals. The first contracts with artists have been signed. So things are already moving forward and everyone is looking forward to the weekend of June 17-19, 2022. On this page we will soon introduce the rest of the team. We will keep you informed about our beautiful and special new festival on this site and the various social media platforms. It will be a beautiful ‘TRAIL’ to which we will link many side trails in the future, let us surprise you.

‘Three chords and the truth’ – that is Country Music!

At least that’s how Harlan Howard once simply described country music!

Country music, songs that describe life. It’s about love, of course, but also about ups and downs, about drinking, prison, about what once was, about longings and dreams that are deep within you, about what is coming and fears that you can feel. It’s about nature and free life, yes, in short, it’s about what is around us every day.

As Kiefer Sutherland once said; ‘Country music, is like a psychiatrist – only cheaper!’ I think that gets to the heart of the matter.

With the initiation of the Country Music Trail we want to carry this (life) feeling further. Get people excited about this music.

While Tennessee is being declared the birthplace of country music, we think Mallorca can be the right starting point for a country music trail. Of course we know that country music has also Irish, Scottish and African roots.

Then why Mallorca?

1st: we had to start somewhere and we started with the trail in a small tavern in Santa Ponca

and 2nd: It’s not important where you start your trail, it’s more essential to start your journey!

“Don’t ever try and be like anybody else and don’t be afraid to take risks.” – Waylon Jennings